Delivery® e-commerce project designed for shopping from nearby markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets or grocery shops. 

    So our partner supermarket stores do not ship by cargo courier to other cities or abroad. 

    Our member supermarket stores delivery regions depend on the each store that you are shopping.

    Always check the Supermarket's service area and service hours details before you start the shopping.

    You can set your orders delivery time to one or two days later, as well as same day.  Just make sure note all your special case in the Order Note area.

    Your order is preparing by trained supermarket employee and delivery to your address by supermarket emloyee within one an hour usually. 

    Your online supermarket order delivery time may vary due to rush hour traffic in the big metropolitan cities, weather condition or some special cases in the Turkey. 

    Please consider that do not give order too much heavy items at once. Example 5 piece watermelon, 10 piece 5 lt water at the one order. 

    As supermarkets do not ship by cargo to other cities it is also same rule applied to send items to abroad. 

    And here we have some special issue you need to know for understand our system.

    Notice- Our member supermarkets are not able to send items via cargo shippment. They give service only close area where their markets located by physically. 

    Notice- They give services only in business hours or little more extended business hours. Not 24 hours services. 

    If you have any questions or advice, please let us know and we will try to improve our system.®