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    Investor Relations

    investor relations of

    Why® ?

    We are investing in Turkey's growing economy and double digits percentage growing e-commerce business. 

    Supermarket sector is most important wealthy part in the retail business. It is about 150 Bilion Turkish Lira turnover per a year. 

    men is drawing chart

    We focused to move some percentage of supermarket shopping amount to online platforms from physcial shop. 

    We have not expenses such a physcial business. We have minumum expenses as much as we can.

    We have approved Trademarks and domain addresses related our business.® is bringing new way to shop from groceries and supermarkets. And let customers live confort zone about their supermarket shopping.

    increasing graph® is growing with geometrics digits by strong and experienced team.

    We have several wealthy different income methods.

    We have earned rich experiences about supermarket sector.

    As® , we have got early seed investment. Details will be annuonce.

    We are focused on our business for extend 25 cities in Turkey with 100 supermarkets chains during 2018.

    And alongside we are making new partnership with some companies for reach supermarkets and last user.

    In the very soon we will update this page with new announcement and news.®